Invited Speakers



Assco. Prof. Chi Sheh

University of the West, USA

Dr. Chi Sheh is an Associate Professor at University of the West (UWest), teaching in the areas of finance, accounting, statistics, and economics. Dr. Sheh's research interests has centered around ways to apply Buddhist philosophy and Humanistic Management principles to corporate and investment decisions, including the inclusion of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. He recently published a book chapter titled “A Buddhist Perspective on Humanizing Business”, where he lays out practical implications of Buddhism for Humanizing Business.
Dr. Sheh is the Director of the UWest Socially Responsible Investment Fund, where he directs MBA students in the selection of socially responsible companies, mutual funds, and ETFs based on detailed analysis of financial data as well as ESG metrics. Dr. Sheh is also the founding advisor to the Sustainable Investing Club at UWest, which seeks concrete and practical ways to make investing more sustainable, and in the process serve as a platform to foster innovative ideas in sustainable investment. His professional experience also includes working as a financial analyst for Enron Corporation, in the areas of Power Trading, International Energy and Water Project Development, and Commercial Energy Risk Management and Services.

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