Invited Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Wei Ma, Shandong University, China

Dr. Wei Ma received his PhD from City University of Hong Kong in 2013. He is currently an associate professor at Center for Economic Research, Shandong University. His research areas include decision making under risk and uncertainty, general equilibrium theory, computational economics, and geographical economics. He has published many papers in the journals including Economic theory, Journal of economic dynamics and control, Journal of mathematical economics, and Annals of operations research.

Title: Labor Migration Costand Economic Geography with an Application to the Italian Economy

Abstract: This paper studies the functional role of labor migration cost in shaping the economic geography of a country. We consider two types of migration costs. The first stems from individuals' taste heterogeneity over locations and the second is monetary cost of moving between the origin and the destination locations and earnings forgone while searching for a new work location. We furnish an algorithm for computing equilibria of the economy, which is useful in comparative statics and counterfactual analysis. We show the magnitude of migration cost is crucial in the determination of population allocation; for instance, population keeps spreading out in some economies as trade and migration costs decline at the same time. This population reallocation has significant implications for welfare gains from trade and regional disparities. Finally, we apply the model to the Italian economy, and show that the introduction of migration cost contributes to the understanding of its massive migration from the southern to the northern provinces and its widening income disparities in recent years.


Assoc. Prof. Jing Fu, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan

Dr. Jing Fu is Associate Professor at Department of System Management, Fukuoka Institute of Technology. Prior to her current position, she worked as Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology. She is also Adjunct Lecturer at Faculty of Economics in Fukuoka University, Research Associates at Systemic Risk Centre in London School of Economics and Political Science and was a visiting scholar at Arizona State University and Indiana University Bloomington. She obtained her Ph.D. in Economics at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and bachelor at Tsinghua University. She is teaching Advanced Business Systems, Management Simulation, Operations Research, Game Theory, etc. Her current research area is in discounted stochastic games and its application to equilibrium network formation process, systemic risk and network resilience. She is also interested in information diffusion game and data envelopment analysis game. She has published 22 journal and conference papers, including Dynamic Games and Applications, Fixed Point Theory and Applications, Central European Journal of Operations Research, Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association, etc. She is a board member of Asian Association of Management Science and Applications, and a committee member of Operations Research Society of Japan and Japan Industrial Management Association.